Biomass Energy – Northern Ireland (B.E.N.I.) is a self funded organisation whose members are actively engaged in all aspects of the production, marketing and use of biomass energy in Northern Ireland; with a strong emphasis on Biomass Renewable Heat .

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Biomass Energy Northern Ireland as an organisation:

  • Represents producers
  • Promotes biomass production in Northern Ireland

Provides a single point of contact for anyone seeking information on:

  • Opportunities for biomass production in Northern Ireland
  • Services and biomass fuels provided by our members
  • Best practice guidance on production and supply of biomass fuels

“The fuel of the future is going to come from fruit, weeds, sawdust and almost anything.  There’s enough energy in an acre of potatoes to drive the machinery necessary to cultivate the field for one hundred years."

 Henry Ford 1925.

Biomass Renewable Heat : the best of old and new .

The old

  • Biomass has been used as a renewable source of heat since man discovered fire.
  • Biomass energy is carbon neutral as it comes from growing plants which “fix” carbon dioxide.

The new

  • Huge potential as a sustainable source of locally produced renewable heat.
  • Modern sophisticated boilers and stoves are now both efficient and convenient.
  • Local supply chains have developed to make biomass fuels readily available
  • Stringent quality control ensures consistent fuel delivered every time.
  • Biomass fuels now even more price competitive due to the proposed Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme.
  • Creates and sustains local farm, forestry and engineering businesses.

Renewable Heat Incentives Scheme rates for commercial users now released. These rates are considerably more generous and appropriate to NI situation than thoase proviously proposed and follow representations made by BENI and others to DETI.

Full details are available from DETI Energy Branch or through the following link . .

A summary of the RHI scheme as it relates to biomass is also provided in the new BENI Leaflet  " Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme for Northern Ireland – July 2012" to be found under the "support" tab on the BENI website.

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